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Disparate Data - Creating a Robust Data Warehouse for Reporting, Modeling, and Prediction

At Massena Consulting, we understand the challenges that arise when dealing with multiple disparate data warehouses. Our client faced operational constraints due to the inability to consolidate their data into a modern, fast, and fault-tolerant data warehouse. Recognizing the importance of data integration as a cornerstone of business strategy, our team set out to create a unified solution that would drastically save time and money.

The Execution

Our approach began with scoping out existing data schemas and developing a robust data architecture plan. Using Talend for orchestration and ETL processes, we implemented the data integration into a modernized MySQL data warehouse. Throughout the entire process, we integrated fault tolerance, data validation, and process documentation to ensure the data was consolidated into a single, efficient, and secure data warehouse.

Our efforts resulted in a near-real-time solution that allowed for standardized, automated reporting and ad-hoc requests. The client was able to expand their business intelligence capabilities and act on the insights contained within their data. We also provided automated reports and dashboards, all presented in Tableau.

Since our initial implementation, we have iterated and added multiple data sources from outside data vendors to our process. The ability to quickly and securely add additional data layers has proven invaluable to our client as their business continues to evolve.

Our solution includes:

  • Automated data integration tightly coupled ERP, CRM, and SQL systems

  • Consolidated Data into Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Cubes

  • Automated reporting through Tableau Business Intelligence.

At Massena Consulting, we believe that by approaching data integration strategically from a business lens rather than a collection of technical processes, we can help our clients overcome the challenges of disparate data warehouses and achieve their business objectives.

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